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Our immigration lawyers in Woburn, MA are highly experienced handling all types of immigration petitions, including minimizing the consequences of a past criminal charge or conviction in an immigration case. At the outset of our relationship with clients, we take the time and care to understand our client’s goals and personal situations to make sure we craft the best strategy for the case in order to achieve our client’s objective. This is important as there may be different ways to reach a goal, but only by focusing our client’s needs and situation we can figure out what will be the best way for them.


Our lawyers will help make the process more effective and less stressful, by breaking down the processes in to action items and supporting and advising you at every step of the way. Our goal is to solve your immigration problems effectively and provide you with the best immigration legal services in greater Boston.



We can assist you in obtaining  U.S. Green Card involving :


•Employment Residency In the US

• and Marriage Residency in the US



We can also assist you in non-immigrant visa applications such as:


•E-1 Visa and E-2 Visa for investors and traders

•L-1 Visa for intra-company employee transfers

•H-1B Visa for professional employees

•K-1 Visa for alien fiancé (e)

•O Visas- for foreigners of outstanding ability

•U Visa for victims of crime

•Family Residency is the U.S.



There are other immigration services  such as:



•Citizenship – Naturalization

•Cancellation of removal / deportation (10 Year Law)

•Deferred Action for Young Immigrants (DACA)

•TPS (Temporary Protected Status)

•Lawsuits against the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)


•Same sex marriage immigration benefits

•Vacating criminal convictions for immigration purposes

•Minimizing immigration problems due to criminal charges or convictions